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Spike Spiegel is a bounty hunter who is also the protagonist of the series Cowboy Bebop


He is a 27 year old man who was born on Mars. From the start of the series, he has been hunting bounties along with Faye Valentine, Jet Black, Ed and Ein. The love of his life is a woman named Julia and his arch nemesis is a man named Vicious.


Spike's Outfit

Spike over all looks like an average young male, his hair is very think and bushy like with a teal color. Both his eyes are different from the other, one has more reddish tint over it. Spike wears a tan colored shirt with a blue jacket over and a tie, with blue pants and round shoes to go with.


Spike usually seems calm and laid back most of the time. Even in dire situations, he still is in a calm and relaxed mood. This mood changes to a much more serious and excited manor when he faces anything related to the love of his life, Julia.


Series CowBoy Bebop[]

Quotes "Bang." "They say hunger is the best spice."[]